Robert’s Journey | The Walk Across the United States

“Many times we would discuss different dreams of ours but would never follow through. Luckily we were able to follow through with this one. While our parents may not want us to go since it is a big undertaking, we feel it’s something that is a must . . . Others have walked across America and have had an amazing time. We think we will too.”

-Tony Nagy, The Walk Across the United States

I’m very impressed by other unbounds’ travel stories very often.  But, every now and then the endeavour that they are undertaking will just blow me away.  This week’s Weekly Reblog is one such story.  Anyone who has spent time in the United States, or simply gazed at it on a world map, I suppose, can figure that the United States is a very big place.  On top of that, it’s transportation and lodging infrastructure is not a convenient place for budget and/or backpacker travel.

Enter travel blogger Tony Nagy and his travel partner, Robert Lamb, both of whom have resolved to take a trip from ocean to ocean by, as the title suggests, only walking across the country.  Their main rule seems to be no form of motorized transportation.  And that means a very long and involved trip, given the vastly varying topography and landscapes.

One of the things I like most about this blog is that it is unedited raw details.  The author gives exact accounts of the hardships faced, from the cold to the boredom to the blisters they are sure to get from such involved walking.    Other minor inconveniences you don’t then to think about while roughly travelling through exceptionally remote areas, such as simple food and water, are touched upon as well.

Unfortunately, Mr. Nagy stopped posting after 27th May of this year.  So, though I look forward to reading more of his adventures and experiences, I have no way of knowing if they are still going on.  I hope that he will update soon.