Tresspassing…For Science | Middle Savagery

“This is a uniquely urban solution, as I realize that many sites are out in underpopulated landscapes. Sadly, most buildings are closed off to the public, even more so if you have a camera. Ideally you would build a relationship with the surrounding neighborhood, but it can be hard to get in touch with official property owners and such. Asking permission takes time and often comes back with a negative result.”
– Dr. Colleen Morgan, Middle Savagery

Greece the first trip I ever took solely based on an interest in archaeology, particularly the Minoans of Crete.  On the volcanic island of Santorini, they had a completely preserved city buried in ash similar to Pompeii.  When I finally arrived at the site, it was closed indefinitely while they added a new roof.  There was nobody for a mile in any direction, and I’m certain I could have climbed to fence and had the site entirely to myself.

But, I decided against it.  The ‘Beware of Dog’ sign posted didn’t help the case either.

It’s a case that I’m certain all have run into a some time or another; you want to go somewhere or see something but it is officially off-limits.  This can range from a closed off site, an abandoned building like the Sathorn Unique Tower, or simply using a populated building to get a glimpse of what you want to see.

That is where this Weekly Reblog’s territory stands.  The author, Dr. Colleen Morgan, a professional archaeologist, discusses the ups and downs of slight manipulation of the rules in order to get to some of these places you’d like to see.  And while not condoning it, she gives some helpful hints on how to make it a little less risky.