to the Unbound

A Cheers to the Unbound

To the glory of a good life.
To the beauty of the unbound.
To the new
and the never-forgotten.

To being far but never distant.

To buried pasts,
to aware presents,
and to unknown futures.

To the ones you trusted the most
And the ones who pushed you far away;
be they apart or the same.

To what is left
after what you know
and what you knew
have passed and faded.

To Yourself.

3 thoughts on “to the Unbound

  1. hey – I’m going to add your blog to my “links” page. Just need a short blurb about you/the blog (see my links page for ex’s)! let me know whatcha think :)


    • Thanks Michelle. I’m just using it as an ongoing narrative of the places I’m been travelling, and wherever they might lead to. It’s your blog, so I don’t want to tell you write to write on it. I trust it’ll be more than fine. Just be sure not to inflate my ego too much. Can’t have that. :)

      – ben

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