Weekly Reblog #31: Animals on Don Det

Animals on Don Det | E.A.T. – Eating And Traveling “They walk onto balconies, into stores, and their sounds dominate. Buffaloes, bunnies, bugs, geckos, spiders, a wonderfully spiritual amount of butterflies and moths, pigs, cats, dogs, ducks, geese and the… Continue Reading →

Monday Travel Quote: The World Round

Monday Travel Quote: A Fine Line

Hospitals Abroad

Waves of anxiety, far more uncomfortable than my actual physical affliction, coursed through me the first time I had to go to a hospital in another country. This one was in the northern Thailand city of Udon Thani. Sitting in… Continue Reading →

My 2013

When I returned to Bangkok in late 2012, I found a note in the pocket of a jacket I had brought from the US.  I don’t know when it was from, but the written message was ‘moving forward’.    I tried… Continue Reading →

Monday Travel Quote: Awareness

Visa Run, Vientiane

More and more I hear of foreigners in Thailand making their visa runs – the process of leaving Thailand’s borders in order to obtain a new visa or extend an entry on their existing visa – going across the border… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Elements of the Mekong

This week’s Travel Theme by Ailsa at is The Four Elements.   Sticking with a common theme through the four picture challenges, I thought I’d recount a little tour down the Mekong River. Water. Crossing the Mekong River at Chiang… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Light

The Plain of Jars Site 1, my final stop over a hellishly adventurous day of exploring ancient ruins amidst active minefields. I was convinced my wrists may be broken after 5 hours of riding on a motorcycle after a spill… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Out on the open road again, this time in the southern limits of Laos, I was driving away from the insanity of the New Year water festival, Songkran or Pii Mai Lao, that would be ensuing in Pakse. About forty… Continue Reading →

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