Upper Peninsula

Monday Travel Quote: Moving On


Monday Travel Quote: Kept on Running

Travel Theme: Through

  The waters of Lake Superior have a tumultuous and sordid history to them.  They are one of the busiest commecial waterways in the world, despite its relative remote location.  For the last 200 years, boats shipping out the locally… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Tilted

  What essentially equates to my profile picture, my About Me picture, has always been tilted back since when this blog was Slightly Removed.  I’ve never cared to correct the error.  A slight bit of imperfection is always characteristic in… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Beaches

Thailand, where I am now, has its share of magnificent beaches. Mountain-encircled. Clear blue watered. Silhouettes of fishing boats crawl along the horizon mimicking snails. So too did Malaysia and Puerto Rico before that. However, the beach I chose to… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Up

Up is that dreadful direction I had to go nearly every night back when I lived on that island without cars.  For the first 2 summers I had been there, it had been conveniently placed at this jittery Pancake House… Continue Reading →

A Michigan Island in Surat Thani?

  It’s odd how enigmatic random chance can be sometimes.  While the boat ride back from Koh Phangan was entirely uneventful and mostly just spent continuing the travelogue I hadn’t picked up since getting to the island, I was in… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

Whatever happens in the Outside world anymore, it doesn’t matter to him.  This place, these people, they are not coterminous. Ahead lay the Bridge at Mackinac; the way in and the way out.  And beyond that, an Otherworld. The Only… Continue Reading →

The Straits of Mackinac

“On da sixth day he created da bridge so da trolls would have a way to get to heaven.” -Da Yooper Creation Story The Straits of Mackinac always have been, and continue to be my favorite spot in the world. … Continue Reading →

A Crossroads In Seney

“In Seney, you don’t lose your woman, you just lose your turn.” – Andy’s Seney Bar motto Quite literally in the middle of nowhere in the U.P. stands the ghost town of Seney.  A century ago, this was a bustling… Continue Reading →

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