Photo Challenges

“The memory now
is like the picture was then;
when the paper’s crumbled up
it can’t be perfect again.”
– Linkin Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Inle Lake, the shallow and cold lake in eastern Myanmar, has supported numerous cultural traditions throughout the centuries, some of whom actually made there homes in the waters of the lake itself.  These standing (sometimes called floating) villages have endured… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Blossom

I put off going to to the Grand palace for almost 3 years, despite the fact it was only across the river from my apartment and a few blocks from where I usually hung out. But When my mother came… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Statues

When I first went to Boston, a city which still resounds as one of my favourites in the world, this plaza stood out as a one of the singular best memory images.  The statue at the centre of Paul Revere… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Pink

Not too much of a story to this one. Immediately when you arrive in Bangkok, you see the flamboyantly pastel-colored taxis.  One night when returning from the Nest Bar on Soi 11, the street was at a dead stop going… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Garden

Its seems like a long time ago now, but back in New York I made a day trip out to what was, at the time, almost a ghost town of Coney Island in Brooklyn.  After taking in the empty beach,… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Tempting

One of the coolest things about the massive temples of Bagan in Myanmar is that they are quite unlike most ancient structures.  Most ancient structures are not remotely intact.  And most intact ones don’t have passages.  The monuments of Bagan… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Ancient

  Ancient sites are a big reason of why I love to travel.  Unfortunately, in SE Asia, while there are plenty of old sites, there are not too many ancient sites.  Most of the ruins of Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Just a small ways upstream from the former Myanmar capital of Mandalay are the ruins of the Mingun Paya.  Set to be the largest Buddhist stupa in the world when construction began in 1790, no stupa to this day would… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Yellow

Just south of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, stands a smaller, but still very impressive stupa called the Maha Wizaya.  When I encountered it, it looked like this, very different from any other I’d seen.  Rather than brick or… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Settled among the largest banyan tree in the country of Thailand stood this small picnic table. A place for relaxing amidst the eerie entangled branches and draping vines. As strange a locale as it was, many locals sat here together… Continue Reading →

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