“. . . 
the Borderworld, nothing more than a limbo
of those waiting to cross Styx into Elysium . . .”
– Four Years Before

Muang Sing Photo Walk

Muang Sing still holds a unique place in my memory. This is not only for the news I received just prior to arriving, nor the stray people I met in the town.  There was something about the locale itself.  At… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Inviting

An exit and an entrance; borders are a welcome as well as a departure.  The border between Nong Khai, Thailand and Vientiane, Laos is one of the most frequented borders in the region, serving as one of the primary border… Continue Reading →

Huay Xai: Crossing the Mekong

The border between Thailand’s Chiang Khong and Laos’ Huay Xai was the most relaxed border I have ever seen. It’s actually harder to get out of Thailand than it is to get into Laos. Chiang Khong itself is a ways… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #32: Thai Coup: Returning to Lao, where it is more stable.

Thai Coup: Returning to Lao, where it is more stable. | dorishimoda “It is one day after the Thai military coup d’etat was declared. It was one day after that a 10 pm to 5 am curfew was declared. Rumors… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #27: Born With the Right Passport

  Born With the Right Passport | Canvas “And it’s because I was born in the right place and carry the right passport. Canada ranks as the 4th best passport to hold for travel freedom, we have the ability to… Continue Reading →

Preah Vihear: Ruins Victim to Conflict

*Due to the tumultuous political nature of this archaeological site, this post might already be outdated. View Larger Map It’s one of those mornings.  Slightly hung-over and it is raining.  It shouldn’t be raining.  It’s the hot season in the… Continue Reading →

Visa Run, Vientiane

More and more I hear of foreigners in Thailand making their visa runs – the process of leaving Thailand’s borders in order to obtain a new visa or extend an entry on their existing visa – going across the border… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Architecture

On a recent long weekend to the Western Thailand border town of Sangkhlaburi, I got a showcase of an intriguing intermingling of architectural styles. Sangkhlaburi is actually 3 towns. There is the modern Thai town, which has a more rustic… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

An escape.  Or rather, an attempted escape. On a trip completely paid for by my employer, I was shuttled off to the north of Thailand for a long weekend.  The highlight of the trip for me was to be in… Continue Reading →

Singapore: At the Elephant’s Snout

View Larger Map     Well, I was there; Singapore, the end of this expedition. The snout of the Elephant’s Trunk. That fabled first world megacity shining over the developing entirety of South East Asia. Crossing the bridge into the… Continue Reading →

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