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Elevator Etiquette in China

While there are certainly plenty of things I love about China, more and more, the elevator etiquette that I deal with daily in my office building gets to me. I work in a 46-storey building, and the 2 sets of… Continue Reading →

The Chongqing Days: 10th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Not long ago, less than ten years in fact, many of the local expats were calling Chongqing the Wild West of China.  Development was less than ideal, international residents were scarce and foreign-oriented establishments nearly impossible to find.  While not… Continue Reading →

Paying American Taxes Abroad

*updated for 2016 It’s something that should never cross our minds when enjoying ourselves abroad, but mid-April becomes an irritating time for most Americans because of the looming burden of Tax Day on April 18.  It causes plenty of problems… Continue Reading →

Hospitals Abroad

Waves of anxiety, far more uncomfortable than my actual physical affliction, coursed through me the first time I had to go to a hospital in another country. This one was in the northern Thailand city of Udon Thani. Sitting in… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #24: Lasting Friendships

Lasting Friendships | Postcards Without Stamps “This has been happening to me quite often ever since I settled in England. Different characters and personalities cross my life and our living room, share with us their life events, moments of joy… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: On a Monday

On a Monday, or every day really, even the ones I want to sleep in, begins at 6:45. A hot shower, sometimes a coffee, and then I’m out the door and on the elevator down 10 floors. Then on to… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: My Morning Commute – Path Two

A follow up to My Morning Commute – Path One, which I posted quite a while ago.  This photo essay follows the quieter path of winding through the alleys and side neighborhoods of Pinklao on my way to the van… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: Fixing a Camera at Pantip Plaza

Taxi Ride:  85 Baht / US$2.75 SkyTrain Ride:  15 Baht / US$0.50 Camera Repairs:  1200 Baht / US$40.00 Tripod:  100 Baht / US$3.00 Extra Battery:  800 Baht / US$25.00 Taxi Home:  90 Baht / US$2.80 What do you do you… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: That Time I Got Hit By a Car

It wasn’t until the third ride back from the hospital that I finally asked him what had happened.  “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he said in a voice I knew by now was of genuine remorse, “I put something in …. Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #17: The Things That Seem Normal Now

The Things That Seem Normal Now | Land of Infinite Possibilities “My senses are filled with sights, sounds, and smells.Things I hear are karaoke in the distance, monks chanting, frogs, dogs barking, motorbikes, tuk tuks, tokay gecko chirps. Now I don’t even react… Continue Reading →

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