Living Abroad

Paying American Taxes Abroad

It’s something that should never cross our minds when enjoying ourselves abroad, but mid-April becomes an irritating time for most Americans because of the looming burden of Tax Day on April 15.  It causes plenty of problems and stress for… Continue Reading →

Hospitals Abroad

Waves of anxiety, far more uncomfortable than my actual physical affliction, coursed through me the first time I had to go to a hospital in another country. This one was in the northern Thailand city of Udon Thani. Sitting in… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #24: Lasting Friendships

Lasting Friendships | Postcards Without Stamps “This has been happening to me quite often ever since I settled in England. Different characters and personalities cross my life and our living room, share with us their life events, moments of joy… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: On a Monday

On a Monday, or every day really, even the ones I want to sleep in, begins at 6:45. A hot shower, sometimes a coffee, and then I’m out the door and on the elevator down 10 floors. Then on to… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: My Morning Commute – Path Two

A follow up to My Morning Commute – Path One, which I posted quite a while ago.  This photo essay follows the quieter path of winding through the alleys and side neighborhoods of Pinklao on my way to the van… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: Fixing a Camera at Pantip Plaza

Taxi Ride:  85 Baht / US$2.75 SkyTrain Ride:  15 Baht / US$0.50 Camera Repairs:  1200 Baht / US$40.00 Tripod:  100 Baht / US$3.00 Extra Battery:  800 Baht / US$25.00 Taxi Home:  90 Baht / US$2.80 What do you do you… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: That Time I Got Hit By a Car

It wasn’t until the third ride back from the hospital that I finally asked him what had happened.  “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he said in a voice I knew by now was of genuine remorse, “I put something in …. Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #17: The Things That Seem Normal Now

The Things That Seem Normal Now | Land of Infinite Possibilities “My senses are filled with sights, sounds, and smells.Things I hear are karaoke in the distance, monks chanting, frogs, dogs barking, motorbikes, tuk tuks, tokay gecko chirps. Now I don’t even react… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #16: Why Do I Come Here? [Antarctica]

Why Do I Come Here? | brown paper blue ink “I come here because it frames my whole life from a totally different perspective, because it makes me appreciate little things I can’t have . . . It makes me… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #14: The time I worked for $9 a day and it was all I needed

The time I worked for $9 a day and it was all I needed | Travels with Kate “Job description: flyer the beach and the island for one hour during the afternoon with 3 of the other banana bar staff… Continue Reading →

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