“ . . . the first joy can never be recovered,
and the wise traveler learns
not to repeat successes,
but tries new places all the time.”
– Paul Fussell

My 2013

When I returned to Bangkok in late 2012, I found a note in the pocket of a jacket I had brought from the US.  I don’t know when it was from, but the written message was ‘moving forward’.    I tried… Continue Reading →

My 2012

Bangkok, or Krung Thep in Thai, meaning ‘City of Angels’.  I’ve been living here for a year and two months now.  Setting aside trips to Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and the U.S. in that time, this is the longest I’ve stayed… Continue Reading →

One Fine Day: A Memory

An old update from 2008 I found. Okay, so this completely validates that day of driving that I had yesterday. I had one of the best days in a while today, and given that it is only 9 pm local… Continue Reading →

A Reminder of Why I’m a City Person: A Memory

An old update from 2008 I found: So last night around 7:30, I was driving through southern Mississippi, and had been driving for about 9 hours, so I decided to pull off for some food. Instead of just going for… Continue Reading →

My 2011, more than just another year.

“Sometimes there’s airplanes I can’ t jump out Sometimes there’s bullshit that don’t work now We are god of stories but please tell me What there is to complain about” – OneRepublic, Good Life 2011 has been a year that… Continue Reading →

My One Bad Hostel Experience

During my first large solo trip ever, I was 18 and backpacking through Greece.  I got off the overnight ferry from Athens to Heraklion around 5am, declining some other Americans’ recommendation of a hotel, as my Lonely Planet said there… Continue Reading →

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