“For a guy who so rarely is home,
with such a distorted view of what home is
or might be to start with,
I’m a pretty sickenly happy guy these days.
I tend, I know,
to over romanticize things.”

– Anthony Bourdain

Home In Nowhere is a column dedicated to advice and stories for those of us who don’t want to go back. For so many, extended and sustained travel becomes only a dream, instead substituted by brief travels or even ‘vacations’.  We all know the basics of why people decide against:  fear, obligations, and the given: money.  Those realities, or at least perceptions thereof, get in the way of this dream all too often.

Of course, for nearly every problem, there is a way around, or to at least lessen its impact.  These posts will tackle these issues and how they are, or can be, circumvented by the unbound.  Starting with the big three costs of long-term travel (lodging, transport, and food) and the unspoken fourth of entertainment.  It will delve into strategies people take to avoid these costs, jobs that can be found abroad to supplement them, and lifestyles of expats versus long-term travellers.

The field is ripe with ideas, practical information, and travellers to share their experiences.  And I’m hoping I can add something to it as I’m experiencing firsthand.