The Pagodas of Chongqing (VIDEO)

  An Intro to Pagodas A signature of Asian architecture, the pagoda is a tower structure characterized by tiered levels of equal or slowly-declining width. And while the tradition of the pagoda structure seems to have originated in China, it… Continue Reading →

The Batu Caves – Riding Out the Storm

View Batu in a larger map Hinduism has fascinated me more than any other extant religion for a long time. I think this is mostly because it is the oldest major religion in the world, and along with so many… Continue Reading →

The Ruins of Lembah Bujang: Lore of the Dragon Valley

“undoubted relics of a Hindoo colony, with ruins of temples . . . mutilated images . . .” – James Low Less than an hour in Malaysia and I was left on the side of the major highway that runs… Continue Reading →

The Eightfold Path Underground – the Forest Tunnels of Wat Umong

“With each day passing, what have you been doing?” – Buddha quote at Wat Umong At the base of Doi Suthep is another temple that is unlike any others I have seen in Thailand.  Taking a left off of the… Continue Reading →

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