Kuala Lumpur

Photo Challenge: Twinkle

It’s a token shot, perhaps even a stereotypical one, but it was still a beautiful place to be taking it.  Since seeing the Petronas Towers in the confusing movie, Entrapment, they stood out as one of the more unique architectural… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Distance

While the words are synonymous, in terms of personality and attitude, I’ve always thought of distance and farness as two things that can indeed be mutually exclusive.  In an age like this with Skype and international phones and even travel… Continue Reading →

The Batu Caves – Riding Out the Storm

View Batu in a larger map Hinduism has fascinated me more than any other extant religion for a long time. I think this is mostly because it is the oldest major religion in the world, and along with so many… Continue Reading →

Getting High in Kuala Lumpur

Yes, getting high was topping my list of things to do when I got off the bus in Kuala Lumpur.  Although, not likely the same sort as those sharing the Reggae Mansion with me.  Within the year, I had been… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I have begun to appreciate more and more the grunge and imperfections that one sees close up on a city.  This becomes very apparent now that I am living in one so rough and wonderfully whimsical as Bangkok. Still, high… Continue Reading →

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