Monday Travel Quote: Moving On


Monday Travel Quote: This Window Seat

Monday Travel Quote: A Fine Line

Weekly Reblog #26: How Blogging Ruined my Vacation to Beijing

How Blogging Ruined my Vacation to Beijing | Monkey Abroad “A week ago, I was looking forward to documenting my 5-day vacation in Beijing by creating a short travel video packed with cool shots of the city, travel advice and my personal experiences. That… Continue Reading →

Ancient Lopburi and the Monkey Temple of Lavo

View Larger Map Kim and I stepped out of the van a little before midnight. But, we were still 5 km from our destination. There were not a lot of options, and we ended up settling into a deal for… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #25: Packing

Packing | Tia Alliece “If I was to sail the world I’d travel light and leave the rest behind. All I’d take is a backpack full of stamps to write home and wearing pants with a deep enough pocket to… Continue Reading →

Monday Travel Quote: Dreams and Reality

Monday Travel Quote: My Own Decisions


Weekly Reblog #23: 5 facts about Asia which you shouldn’t find surprising

5 facts about Asia which you shouldn’t find surprising | Starlustre Sydrah “Well, guess what? We learned it in school. Some of us DID and DO pay attention in class. We watch English films and read English books which prove… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #22: Sleeping in Thailand

Sleeping in Thailand | Spirit of Thailand “If there were a contest who could sleep the easiest and in the most unusual places, I think the Thais would win hands down. In the west, sleeping in public is frowned upon… Continue Reading →

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