Wisely relevant and out of context words from a sign near Khao San Road, Bangkok.

So after everything that 2011 brought, a month later to the day comes my birthday. Turning 26, I’m now well into the latter half of my 20’s, the prime decade for most people.

So, I figure it’s about time I start figuring out what I want out of life. Not that I actually will do that, but here’s a brief list of what I’ve got so far, started some ways back.

  • Live on an island
  • Spend a winter in the U.P.
  • Skydive/bungee jump
  • Go zorbing
  • Crew a boat
  • Stand at a fin du monde
  • Finish Sancti Terrae (personal large-scale fiction project)
  • Get published
  • Make a cross-country U.S. road trip
  • Go to every US State & Canadian Province
  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Live in NYC or another major city
  • Learn to build a web page
  • Spend over a year abroad (to be adjusted as more time passes)
  • Go to all the continents
  • Go through the Bermuda Triangle
  • Visit Al Gizeh Necropolis
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Dive the Yonaguni Monument
  • Go to Nan Modal
  • Explore the Hypogeum of ─Žal-Saflieni
  • Make a transoceanic crossing
  • Go to Rapa Nui
  • Find and photograph as many worldwide pyramids as I can

In Thailand

  • Go to Wat Samphan outside of Bangkok
  • Check out the Naga Lights of the Mekong
  • See the sunken temple of Songklaburi
  • See the Golden Triangle
  • Go to Koh Kret in the Chao Phraya River