Ancient Chiang Mai: Top 5 Must-See Archaeology Sites

Welcome to the Lanna Kingdom Chiang Mai was, for centuries, the cultural center of the Lanna Kingdom, one of several Thai polities existing concurrently. At its height, Lanna controlled or influenced the northern areas of what is now Thailand, as… Continue Reading →

Ancient Lampang: Pratu Ma City Gate

Northern Thailand is full of cities that coexisted hundreds of years ago with more famous cities of the country’s past, like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Chiang Mai. The little-visited Lampang is one of these historic cities. And though obscure, the city… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Hotels of 2018

One of the fundamental burdens of any explorer is finding a place to rest your head, be it weary or not. In any distant land, such an inn – be it a hotel, a guest house, or even a dorm… Continue Reading →

Phrae Muang Phi: Phrae’s Ghost City

  Sticking with the theme of random whims and legends, I headed north from Bangkok to the town of Phrae. Overall, it was mostly un-noteworthy except for a scene from a fringed postcard I came across in the back alleys… Continue Reading →

Phrae and the Temple of the Industrial Buddha

On the outskirts of the Northern Thailand town of Phrae are a number of fairly remote and beautiful temples dotting the countryside. One in particular stood out though, not because it was overly attractive, but because its scale stood out… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Stone

Given my interest in archaeology, this topic was a difficult one for me to narrow down a single photo or locale for.  Most ruins in any part of the world still standing today are built of hearty stones which have… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Architecture

On a recent long weekend to the Western Thailand border town of Sangkhlaburi, I got a showcase of an intriguing intermingling of architectural styles. Sangkhlaburi is actually 3 towns. There is the modern Thai town, which has a more rustic… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

An escape.  Or rather, an attempted escape. On a trip completely paid for by my employer, I was shuttled off to the north of Thailand for a long weekend.  The highlight of the trip for me was to be in… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

While the ruins of Sukhothai are very well known among travelers of Thailand, around it existed several satellite cities, which are lesser known.  Among these is Kamphaeng Phet, a fairly pleasant riverside town built directly alongside the old Sukhothai-style ruins…. Continue Reading →

Into the Northern Mountains: Chiang Mai Trek – Day 2

← Day One   A preluded apology: I took many, many pictures of the following events. However, somewhere in between riding in the truck back to Chiang Mai and returning to Julie Guest House, I lost it along with all… Continue Reading →

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