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Travel Theme: Relaxing

So this is a very very old picture, but it immediately came to mind.  I know it’s small and bad quality, but give me a break, it was taken as a quick reaction on my first camera phone, back in… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Through

  The waters of Lake Superior have a tumultuous and sordid history to them.  They are one of the busiest commecial waterways in the world, despite its relative remote location.  For the last 200 years, boats shipping out the locally… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Multicoloured

It was a a path I had taken before, a long time ago in the days when I had black hair. This time I was going as an experiment in starting over. New Orleans was at the end of the… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #20: Leaving

Leaving | The ReStart Experiment “Leaving is art, science, joy and torture. I’ve had a lot of practice in it lately, and it has become even more concrete of a reality in my life the last month. Since I sold… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #19: The Walk Across the United States

Robert’s Journey | The Walk Across the United States “Many times we would discuss different dreams of ours but would never follow through. Luckily we were able to follow through with this one. While our parents may not want us… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Play

  The city I grew up in, Grand Rapids, has got a zombie walk that happens yearly around Halloween.  Or, at least it happened yearly when I lived there.  Several years away and I’m not sure if it still happens…. Continue Reading →

Entered in a Photo Competition

Emily Luxton, a blogger I have followed for some time now, posted this month about a travel photo competition she  is judging. And while I am admittedly not a photographer, I have seen a fair deal of interesting things and… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Tilted

  What essentially equates to my profile picture, my About Me picture, has always been tilted back since when this blog was Slightly Removed.  I’ve never cared to correct the error.  A slight bit of imperfection is always characteristic in… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Beaches

Thailand, where I am now, has its share of magnificent beaches. Mountain-encircled. Clear blue watered. Silhouettes of fishing boats crawl along the horizon mimicking snails. So too did Malaysia and Puerto Rico before that. However, the beach I chose to… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Above

A memorial of when I first started this story and flew away from Grand Rapids on a one way ticket.  The downtown directly in the center beneath and Lake Michigan in the horizon.          

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