“I imagined my life like a beer commercial . . . I knew where I was going- everywhere!   I wanted to do everything, go everywhere, meet everyone, and I wanted to do it now.   And to my great pleasure, it was all happening.”

– David Hatcher Childress

Mine is a story of restless nights.  Of glorious and oft painful mornings.  Of starting over –  again and again.  Of too much dreaming in an internet age.  Of waking up to home not being the same as the place you happen to be from.

A story of the fleeting friendships passing in opposite directions.  Of forgotten cities and vast urbanscapes.   Of miracles of man and Earth seen by too few and by so many. A story of a blue bag stitched with Summit, small notebook computer, and the erewhile Michigander who carries them through the world for as long as they all might last. I hate the cliche of ‘come and follow my adventures’.  But that’s just what this has become for me; an adventure.  The is my travel journal; my story so far.

Michigan-so-far “It seems fitting to start a story with no foreseeable end at a quite literal fin du monde.”


puerto-rico-so-far “. . . by far the smallest airport I have ever been to, as evidenced by a pilot sleeping under the shade of his plane’s wing.”


massachusetts-so-far “There is something immensely satisfying about rediscovering someplace that you remember in what is likely such an embellished visual memory, only to have it live up to everything you expected.


new-york-so-far “Calling it a night . . . the City winning out on the title of the One who Never Sleeps.

quebec-so-far “‘One of a kind.  Unlike anyplace else in North America,’ were among some of the things I was told about it.”


thailand-so-far “There was no real question about it; I should have gone to bed the second I set foot in that hostel in Bangkok.”

ati-bangkok-so-far “. . . considering we were convening at the tail end of one of Thailand’s largest natural disasters in the last century.”

thailand-so-far-2 “I restarted my life, twice, in different parts of the world.  I’m hoping this second one takes.

malaysia-so-far “Less than an hour in Malaysia and I was left on the side of the major highway that runs along the northwestern coast.”

singapore-so-far “. . . the end of this expedition . . . That fabled first world megacity shining over the developing entirety of South East Asia.”

thailand-so-far-3  Laos-so-far-1-2thailand-so-far-4

michigan-so-far-3  Thailand-so-far-5 Laos-so-far-2thailand-so-far-6


thailand-so-far-7 cambodia-so-far thailand-so-far-8Laos-so-far-3