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North America

“It seems fitting to start a story with no foreseeable end at a quite literal fin du monde.”

  • At Land’s End, A Beginning: Copper Harbor
  • Roads through Forgotten Memories: the Keweenaw Peninsula
  • A Second Try in Houghton
  • A Detour: Ontonagon and Rockland
  • Life in the Northern Micropolis: Marquette, MI
  • The Marquette Micropolitan Area
  • A Crossroads In Seney
  • The Straits of Mackinac
  • The Road Home: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Downtown Grand Rapids
  • But Home In Nowhere

“. . . by far the smallest airport I have ever been to, as evidenced by a pilot sleeping under the shade of his plane’s wing.”

  • A One Way Ticket: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Back In the City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • My Accidental Trip to Old Town, San Juan
  • The Decaying Beach Resort: Isla Verde
  • A Bar and a Beach, the Condado Experience
  • Welcome to Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Life at Sea; Culebra to Massachusetts Aboard the Wanderbird

“There is something immensely satisfying about rediscovering someplace that you remember in what is likely such an embellished visual memory, only to have it live up to everything you expected.

  • My Landfall in Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • The Unknown Road
  • Hub of the Universe: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Visiting the Peace Corp
  • Onward to Downtown Boston
  • On and Off the Freedom Trail: Boston’s North End
  • America’s Stonehenge: Megalithic Ruins, Ancient Sailors and . . . Alpacas
  • City Driving ≠ Fun (Day One)
  • City Driving ≠ Fun (Day Two)
  • My Perfect Backpack Setup

“Calling it a night . . . the City winning out on the title of the One who Never Sleeps.

  • New York Nights: Spider-Man and the Key of Awesome
  • New York Priority One: Chinatown Food!
  • Walking The “Real” New York
  • A Lesson in Eerie Tranquility: Coney Island, NY

“‘One of a kind. Unlike anyplace else in North America,’ were among some of the things I was told about it.”

  • Crossing the Border. Maybe.
  • No Canada Like French Canada


  • Pre-Thailand Chores; Informations and Vaccinations
  • Visa Run, Chicago
  • Humans, the Lonely Gods: An Essay on Our Artificial Oversoul


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