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Ancient Lampang: Pratu Ma City Gate

Northern Thailand is full of cities that coexisted hundreds of years ago with more famous cities of the country’s past, like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Chiang Mai. The little-visited Lampang is one of these historic cities. And though obscure, the city… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Walls

Coming from North America, city walls are not a concept I think of much in the context of modern settlements.  The only city in modern North America with has a standing city gate anymore is Quebec City, a locale I… Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai Walks in Pictures

The best way to scope out a new city?  Walk it.  And all the better if you can make it an arbitrary path. Chiang Mai has an interesting design.  The center, old city is a large square, surrounded by a… Continue Reading →

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