Ancient Lopburi: Lost Cities Travel Guide

Kim and I stepped out of the van from Bangkok a little before midnight. But, we were still 5 km from our destination. There were not a lot of options, and we ended up settling into a deal for a… Continue Reading →

Chansen Ancient City: Inland Island of the Dvaravati

View Larger Map The fields were burning as I stepped off the 30 cent train. In front of me was a small Chinese temple and an even smaller clock tower. The train pulled away northward into the smoky flatlands, leaving… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Big

45 minutes due west of Bangkok is the Phra Pathom Chedi. Located in the town of Nakhon Pathom, this chedi or stupa is often claimed as the biggest in the world. Whether or not this is true might be up… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #15: The Dvaravati Chedi of Roi Et

  The Dvaravati Chedi of Roi Et | South East Asian Kingdoms “The town of Roi Et has never attracted more than the odd traveller passing through but for the art history fan or Dvaravati relic-hunter, it has one treasure…. Continue Reading →

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