Travel Theme: Glass

Glass, while a fantastic décor in many cases, usually serves a much more practical purpose.  Though, whether practical or not in this case may be debatable.   A few days after arriving in New Orleans, I was in the French… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Welcome to Soi Cowboy, one of at least 4 red light districts in Bangkok. Over a year ago, during my second time in Bangkok and my TESOL training course, our group of eight had gone out into the city for… Continue Reading →

My 2012

Bangkok, or Krung Thep in Thai, meaning ‘City of Angels’.  I’ve been living here for a year and two months now.  Setting aside trips to Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and the U.S. in that time, this is the longest I’ve stayed… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Returning after several months’ absence to the Cafe Lampu a small walk from Khao San Road in Bangkok, I came across this little guy.  Unlike Muay Muay, the lethargic and apathetic resident dog of the cafe, this one was friendly… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Transportation

Every morning, I take one of two paths to my ride to work.  The first is a calm walk through a zigzag of alleyways.  This feels like a small neighborhood tucked away into the city.  These alleys close in so… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

No, that isn’t a spaceship landing pad, it’s actually a luxury hotel and resort called Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.  However, That isn’t the geometry I’m submitting for this week’s Photo Theme.  The footbridge leading across the water to the… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Bright

One thing you have to hand to the Caribbean is that they do not shy away from their bright colours.  Coming from northern North America, where the norm of buildings is black, grey, blue and brown, this comes as an… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Spooky

Another set of stairs.  These creepy, rickety things lead to where?  That would be my apartment for 2 summers of living on Mackinac Island.  Being that I lived above the island’s Pancake House, I was often awoken by the sounds… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

On the far western edge of the Death Railway, I was walking the tracks on what I thought was an abandoned section of rail. Thankfully it was after crossing a 20 meter high bridge over jungle, whose planks were spaced… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Couples

So this may be pushing the Travel Theme a bit far but I’m currently only limited to the iPhone as I am traveling. So a couple can be any pair or partnership or companion working together? I therefore submit the… Continue Reading →

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