Travel Theme

Travel Theme: Multicoloured

It was a a path I had taken before, a long time ago in the days when I had black hair. This time I was going as an experiment in starting over. New Orleans was at the end of the… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Hidden

I have written about my excursion to this mountaintop temple in a Photo Challenge before.  The full story still needs to be told, but needless to say it’s elusiveness atop that shrouded mountain remained hidden to me through my first… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Distance

While the words are synonymous, in terms of personality and attitude, I’ve always thought of distance and farness as two things that can indeed be mutually exclusive.  In an age like this with Skype and international phones and even travel… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Beaches

Thailand, where I am now, has its share of magnificent beaches. Mountain-encircled. Clear blue watered. Silhouettes of fishing boats crawl along the horizon mimicking snails. So too did Malaysia and Puerto Rico before that. However, the beach I chose to… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Light

The Plain of Jars Site 1, my final stop over a hellishly adventurous day of exploring ancient ruins amidst active minefields. I was convinced my wrists may be broken after 5 hours of riding on a motorcycle after a spill… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Contrast

Straddling the Cambodia border, atop of the extinct volcano of Phanom Rung, is one of the most magnificent Angkorian structures outside of Cambodia.  Prasat Phanom Rung is a temple dedicated to Shiva and on a major pilgrimage route stemming from… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Green

I had wasted nearly an hour travelling the wrong direction down an Isan highway.  My destination was the various Khmer ruins hidden somewhere to the south.  As I was already skirting the Cambodian border, my initial misdirection gave me pause… Continue Reading →

Travel Themes: Bridges

Normally for a bridge theme, I would have posted about the bridge I have the most intimate history with, the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.  However, I already posted my favorite picture I’ve ever taken of that in a previous Photo… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Glass

Glass, while a fantastic décor in many cases, usually serves a much more practical purpose.  Though, whether practical or not in this case may be debatable.   A few days after arriving in New Orleans, I was in the French… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Bright

One thing you have to hand to the Caribbean is that they do not shy away from their bright colours.  Coming from northern North America, where the norm of buildings is black, grey, blue and brown, this comes as an… Continue Reading →

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