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My Top 5 Travel Regrets

There’s no other way to put it.  I love my life now and have no intention of giving it up anytime in the foreseeable future, and it will only get better come October.  Still, there are certainly some things I… Continue Reading →

A bucket list of sorts

So after everything that 2011 brought, a month later to the day comes my birthday.  Turning 26, I’m now well into the latter half of my 20’s, the prime decade for most people. So, I figure it’s about time I… Continue Reading →

The Unknown Road

“Knowledge is an unending adventure on the edge of uncertainty.” -Jacob Bronowski After a fairly uneventful night wandering through downtown Gloucester, and passing the Gorton’s Fish Headquarters (Woohoo! Fishsticks!) I checked out of the Crow’s Nest and spent the morning… Continue Reading →

My Landfall in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Upon docking in the shipyard in Gloucester in the morning, the Wanderbird crew was given the day to explore the town after a few chores, like spraying off the deck, reattaching the water, etc.  During this, the captains had heard… Continue Reading →

Life at Sea; Culebra to Massachusetts Aboard the Wanderbird

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide Life at sea.  Like me, I’m sure everyone has his or her own romanticized notions of it.  Maybe it’s the adventure… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Culebra, Puerto Rico

“All we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind.” -Marjory Stoneman Douglas I set the alarm for 9 and finally got up around 9:30.  The sunburn on my legs and the soreness… Continue Reading →

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