Fleeting friends who helped me through news about one of my oldest friends in Muang Sing, Laos.

Fleeting friends who helped me through news about one of my oldest friends in Muang Sing, Laos.

Lasting Friendships | Postcards Without Stamps

“This has been happening to me quite often ever since I settled in England. Different characters and personalities cross my life and our living room, share with us their life events, moments of joy and sadness, jokes and frustrations but eventually venture further to explore different realities and live different lives. It’s difficult to nurture those friendships… divided by space, time and daily routines.”
– Alicja Pyszka-Franceschini, Postcards Without Stamps

What happens to friendships and relationships over distances is an issue that happens all too often in most people’ lives.  People you care about leave or move on to something else, seemingly leaving you behind.  Or perhaps, eventually, you become the one leaving the same people behind.  It’s a difficult thing to accept as an inevitable part of how lives change.  But, it is often much more practically difficult to keep these relationships going in the same kind of meaningful way, even with the abundance of instantaneous electronic communication.

It’s something I’ve become very accustomed to, though certainly not always comfortable with.  Throughout the past few years of moving about, I’ve often been on both ends of this situation.  I’ve walked away from several places and the relationships they held, but then again, particularly in my long duration in Bangkok, I’ve seen several people I grew to care about go their separate ways in order to move on with their lives.

It’s difficult to foster lasting relationships in a lifestyle where everyone is quite literally moving in different directions.  And this enters into a third variation of these situation I’ve come across:  fleeting friendships.  Oftentimes because we are all moving along our own paths, we may only intersect for a few days.  It’s possible to have a fantastic experience in that short time, but of course you know the whole time it won’t last long.

This week’s Reblog is a take on one of these situations.  As the author, Alicja, is going through it, she expands on her situation in order to explore the issue as a whole. Similar insightful musings pepper her page along with her photography and it’s well worth a look at some of the variety of topics she addresses.



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