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“They walk onto balconies, into stores, and their sounds dominate. Buffaloes, bunnies, bugs, geckos, spiders, a wonderfully spiritual amount of butterflies and moths, pigs, cats, dogs, ducks, geese and the innumerable fish of the Mekong inhabit this 10 sq. km. island.”
– William, E.A.T.


The first time I wandered into a Laos village, I was dumbfounded by the number of animals straying about. Dogs, I was used to by then. Very often locally they are stray, but with some sort of patron family who will give them a collar and feed them, but not take them in. However, seeing chickens and pigs, valuable food animals wandering around unchecked was a bit baffling.

It was a little stranger on the 4000 Islands, though. Aside from the smaller animals roaming everywhere freely on these small islands, I was quite startled one night to be leaving the main convenience store in the dark and turn the corner to find a large horned cow standing in my way! More than just domestic animals, though, there is a very large variety of wildlife on the islands, including a good lot of snakes.

This week’s Weekly Reblog is a photo-documentary of some of the more common animals one might find in the most populous area of Don Det, Ban Hua Det.  Some of William’s (the author) photos are surprising and some are just plain cute, but they are well worth a look.  And while these animals eventually become a bit of a peaceful novelty, it was swarms of ants and other insects that drive me from my initial guest house on Dot Det last week.



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