The Ruins of Lembah Bujang: Lore of the Dragon Valley

“undoubted relics of a Hindoo colony, with ruins of temples . . . mutilated images . . .” – James Low Less than an hour in Malaysia and I was left on the side of the major highway that runs… Continue Reading →

Crossing the Malaysia Border at Sadao

In all honesty, despite the undeserved props I gave myself for inevitably braving the bombing capital of Thailand, I would much rather have spent the night in the Border town of Sadao.  Just the label itself – border town –… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I have begun to appreciate more and more the grunge and imperfections that one sees close up on a city.  This becomes very apparent now that I am living in one so rough and wonderfully whimsical as Bangkok. Still, high… Continue Reading →

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