Mackinac Island

Top 10 Destinations of 2018

Since leaving China at the end of 2017, I’ve been able to embrace benefits remote working more readily. It was also the first year I was able to travel beyond China with my girlfriend, who was now living and working… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Along what is both the longest and the shortest roadway in the state of Michigan, the 8 mile perimeter road of Mackinac Island, the beaches are lined with shallow, rocky waters.  On the east shore, looking out over Lake Huron,… Continue Reading →

Singapore: A Night Astray

  While the central business district, AKA the citadel of the Singaporean city-state had been in view all afternoon, I was out of time and wouldn’t have the opportunity to go there.  I had arranged to meet my friend, Trang,… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Up

Up is that dreadful direction I had to go nearly every night back when I lived on that island without cars.  For the first 2 summers I had been there, it had been conveniently placed at this jittery Pancake House… Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Spooky

Another set of stairs.  These creepy, rickety things lead to where?  That would be my apartment for 2 summers of living on Mackinac Island.  Being that I lived above the island’s Pancake House, I was often awoken by the sounds… Continue Reading →

A Michigan Island in Surat Thani?

  It’s odd how enigmatic random chance can be sometimes.  While the boat ride back from Koh Phangan was entirely uneventful and mostly just spent continuing the travelogue I hadn’t picked up since getting to the island, I was in… Continue Reading →

Pre-Thailand Chores; Informations and Vaccinations

American TESOL Institute Series Pre-Thailand Chores; Informations and Vaccinations Visa Run, Chicago Back to Bangkok – the American TESOL Institute (ATI) American TESOL Institute Review – Pre-Course Experience American TESOL Institute Review – In-Course Experience American TESOL Institute Review –… Continue Reading →

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