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  The waters of Lake Superior have a tumultuous and sordid history to them.  They are one of the busiest commecial waterways in the world, despite its relative remote location.  For the last 200 years, boats shipping out the locally… Continue Reading →

A bucket list of sorts

So after everything that 2011 brought, a month later to the day comes my birthday.  Turning 26, I’m now well into the latter half of my 20’s, the prime decade for most people. So, I figure it’s about time I… Continue Reading →

A Crossroads In Seney

“In Seney, you don’t lose your woman, you just lose your turn.” – Andy’s Seney Bar motto Quite literally in the middle of nowhere in the U.P. stands the ghost town of Seney.  A century ago, this was a bustling… Continue Reading →

The Marquette Micropolitan Area

Marquette is the center of what the U.S. Census Bureau considers a “micropolitan” population area.  Aside from being the largest standalone town in the UP, Marquette has several nearby satellite towns which all have strong ties to it. Harvey –… Continue Reading →

Michigan’s Ancient Copper Culture: An Essay on Speculative History

Truth and Lies. Facts and frauds. The history of this planet is filled with both objective and subjective accounts of the events that have transpired throughout the millennia. The subjectivity comes from lone sources, perhaps a single person’s record of… Continue Reading →

Life in the Northern Micropolis: Marquette, MI

  The Village of Marquette has become something of a second home to me this winter. In fact, I have actually spent more time here than at home in Grand Rapids. This town, the largest in the Upper Peninsula and… Continue Reading →

Ontonagon and Rockland: A Detour

“They’re all faded from all the light we have in here, but I kind of like the color they faded to.” – Angela Cummings One of the first things someone driving into downtown Ontonagon will notice, and there is no… Continue Reading →

A Second Try in Houghton

“This place, this bearer of the chilly winter burst . . . far from commercial in its constancy, its threat, impact, and our recovery: always from it.”  – Ander Monson The downtown span of Houghton has a very urbanized feel… Continue Reading →

Roads Through Forgotten Memories: the Keweenaw Peninsula

” . . . the Keweenaw Peninsula, former home of massive copper and iron ore mines; setting; snowbound; now in some ways only a place for ghosts and tourists . . .” – Ander Monson Just as the entirety of Michigan’s… Continue Reading →

At Land’s End, A Beginning: Copper Harbor

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” -T.S. Eliot It seems fitting to start a story with no foreseeable end at… Continue Reading →

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