3 Lost Cities You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of

These sentiments from Swedish explorer, and undoubtedly controversial figure, Sven Hedin encapsulate the air of mystery that still enshrouds our image of lost cities to this day. And while so many of these have since been found, studied, and made… Continue Reading →

Death Railway’s End and the H.I.V. Staircase

The official name for the Death Railway was the Thailand-Burma Railway when it was being constructed. It was going to be used to move supplies from Japanese-occupied Thailand to Myanmar, one of the many British territories conquered by Japan in… Continue Reading →

The Death Railway: Just Along for the Ride

It was a legendary railroad, but a late start leaving everyone else behind in Kanchanaburi. The Thailand-Burma Railway, more commonly called the Death Railway because of the harsh conditions and prisoner/slave labor used to construct it, was a train track… Continue Reading →

Kanchanaburi: A Night at the Sugar Member

It was a last moment decision, but a very large group going. Kanchanaburi, where we had not been since Christmas, was now the goal for a very large group of not only my ATI coursemates, but a large number of… Continue Reading →

Monday Travel Quote: Move Oneself


Travel Theme: Hidden

I have written about my excursion to this mountaintop temple in a Photo Challenge before.  The full story still needs to be told, but needless to say it’s elusiveness atop that shrouded mountain remained hidden to me through my first… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

View Golden Hour in a larger map At the end of Thailand’s Death Railway, the plains carved out by the numerous rivers give way to the ranges of mountains which have historically stood as the barrier between Myanmar and Thailand. … Continue Reading →

Travel Themes: Bridges

Normally for a bridge theme, I would have posted about the bridge I have the most intimate history with, the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.  However, I already posted my favorite picture I’ve ever taken of that in a previous Photo… Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

On the far western edge of the Death Railway, I was walking the tracks on what I thought was an abandoned section of rail. Thankfully it was after crossing a 20 meter high bridge over jungle, whose planks were spaced… Continue Reading →

A Walk Along the Death Railway

There’s no point in travelling if you aren’t going to let your whims get the best of you occasionally.  Or, in my case, most of the time. By mistake, I overshot the turn I was supposed to take back to… Continue Reading →

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