Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Along what is both the longest and the shortest roadway in the state of Michigan, the 8 mile perimeter road of Mackinac Island, the beaches are lined with shallow, rocky waters.  On the east shore, looking out over Lake Huron,… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Through

  The waters of Lake Superior have a tumultuous and sordid history to them.  They are one of the busiest commecial waterways in the world, despite its relative remote location.  For the last 200 years, boats shipping out the locally… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Play

  The city I grew up in, Grand Rapids, has got a zombie walk that happens yearly around Halloween.  Or, at least it happened yearly when I lived there.  Several years away and I’m not sure if it still happens…. Continue Reading →

Weekly Travel Theme: Spooky

Another set of stairs.  These creepy, rickety things lead to where?  That would be my apartment for 2 summers of living on Mackinac Island.  Being that I lived above the island’s Pancake House, I was often awoken by the sounds… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Foliage

Being that I am currently living in Bangkok, a place with little in the way of natural greenery, and certainly none in the autumnal transition which this week’s Travel Theme: Foliage describes, I had to backlog for something here. This… Continue Reading →

A bucket list of sorts

So after everything that 2011 brought, a month later to the day comes my birthday.  Turning 26, I’m now well into the latter half of my 20’s, the prime decade for most people. So, I figure it’s about time I… Continue Reading →

Visa Run, Chicago

American TESOL Institute Series Pre-Thailand Chores; Informations and Vaccinations Visa Run, Chicago Back to Bangkok – the American TESOL Institute (ATI) American TESOL Institute Review – Pre-Course Experience American TESOL Institute Review – In-Course Experience American TESOL Institute Review –… Continue Reading →

But Home In Nowhere

“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.” – Simone Weil And so the decision came to leave Grand Rapids as there was soon going to be little concept of home… Continue Reading →

Grand Rapids Coney Dogs – A Complete Guide

Most every city seems to have its own token snack food. In my home city of Grand Rapids, that tends to be chili dogs. There are enough Coney dog places around the city to rival even Detroit, with it’s distinguished… Continue Reading →

Downtown Grand Rapids

Although the city’s population declined almost 5% since 2000, downtown Grand Rapids, unlike almost any other part of Michigan, is a growing place. Within the last 15 years, nearly all of the downtown area has undergone extensive renovation and expansion,… Continue Reading →

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