Just south of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, stands a smaller, but still very impressive stupa called the Maha Wizaya.  When I encountered it, it looked like this, very different from any other I’d seen.  Rather than brick or plaster or stone, it was covered in what looked like hundreds of yellow flaps of leather.  Apparently, this was not the normal appearance, but it was under some kind of upkeep or restoration.

Kind of a shame, it would be nice to see some variation in the generic architecture of stupas.



Nothing that notable to say yet. I’m a native Michigander with a passion for human culture and new places, and more than that, new experiences. I have degrees in writing and anthropology and have no idea what I want to do with them. For now, I’m content with an unbound lifestyle; going where I want and doing what I can, and hopefully gaining some interesting stories along the way.

What are your thoughts?


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