The Bangkok Days: Fixing a Camera at Pantip Plaza

Taxi Ride:  85 Baht / US$2.75 SkyTrain Ride:  15 Baht / US$0.50 Camera Repairs:  1200 Baht / US$40.00 Tripod:  100 Baht / US$3.00 Extra Battery:  800 Baht / US$25.00 Taxi Home:  90 Baht / US$2.80 What do you do you… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reblog #18: The Life You Want

  The Life You Want | Having “Me” Time “So what is it about Laos that is so charming, so alluring that makes us want to pick up house, cross over the Mekong River and settle down? Is it the… Continue Reading →

Applying for a New Passport Abroad

  A passport.  It’s something that seems so trivial when you stop and think about it, but that small document makes all the difference to a traveller.  And I first got mine when I turned 18 back in 2004, meaning… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: Khlong Bang Luang, the Canal-Side Artist Village

It began as a strange photo and a tip from another travel blogger, Angie at Moments In Your Life. At first glance, I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t a naked local completely covered in… Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Motion

Motion.  Or lack thereof. Bangkok is notorious for bad traffic.  In some cases, it has taken me near a half hour to get through a single block in a taxi. On a late night out on Soi 11, when a… Continue Reading →

The Bangkok Days: That Time I Got Hit By a Car

It wasn’t until the third ride back from the hospital that I finally asked him what had happened.  “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he said in a voice I knew by now was of genuine remorse, “I put something in …. Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Costume

I’ve seen my share of themed bar crawls in my day.  Pirates . . . angels . . . minimalistic clothing.  Often these were done on a small island I lived on in which every bartender would  arrange for the… Continue Reading →

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

So I recently discovered that I could access the rooftop of my building.  Although it takes sneaking up two flights of access stars and then onto a raised helipad to get there. Sunset makes a nice time to watch out… Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year in Bangkok

On a random whim of a hosted couchsurfer, I was on a riverboat down the Chao Phraya to see what the hubbub of Chinese New Year entails in a country much more influenced by China than anywhere I had been… Continue Reading →

My Morning Commute – Path One

Inspired by last week’s Weekly Reblog, I also set out with a camera one morning this week to atttempt to document my own walk through the Pinklao neighborhood of Bangkok.  Any given morning, I have the option of 2 ways… Continue Reading →

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