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The city I grew up in, Grand Rapids, has got a zombie walk that happens yearly around Halloween.  Or, at least it happened yearly when I lived there.  Several years away and I’m not sure if it still happens.

It began by the efforts of local public events coordinator Rob Bliss.  In an attempt to set a world record, he went on a massive Facebook promotional rampage for the event.  In the end, about 8000 people showed up to take part in an event which effectively shut down several major streets and intersections throughout the downtown area.

In the crowd were my friend Jeff and I.  In an attempt to play with the theme and be a bit different, he and I donned leather jackets and face masks as opposed to the zombie makeup. This made us the only vampire and hooded skeleton amidst several thousand zombies.


Benjamin Williams

Hi all, my name is Ben. I’m a native Michigander with a passion for human culture and new places, and more than that, new experiences. I have degrees in archaeology and writing, pursuing a career in the latter. However, I never quite lost that fascination for archaeological theory. For the past 11 years, I’ve been living and travelling between Asia, Europe, and North America, documenting ancient sites and the peoples who built them, and then adapting them into practical archaeological travel information at

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