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Along what is both the longest and the shortest roadway in the state of Michigan, the 8 mile perimeter road of Mackinac Island, the beaches are lined with shallow, rocky waters.  On the east shore, looking out over Lake Huron, passerbys on their bicycles and horse carriages have made a habit out of stacking these stones in order to leave their own mark on the landscape.

One of the more remarkable ones I have seen in three years, however, was this cross made from layered stones and driftwood.  While the iconography doesn’t mean too much to me, this rather large construct was an interesting symbol leading out into the Great Lakes.

Benjamin Williams

Hi all, my name is Ben. I’m a native Michigander with a passion for human culture and new places, and more than that, new experiences. I have degrees in archaeology and writing, pursuing a career in the latter. However, I never quite lost that fascination for archaeological theory. For the past 11 years, I’ve been living and travelling between Asia, Europe, and North America, documenting ancient sites and the peoples who built them, and then adapting them into practical archaeological travel information at


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